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Allen, James - Setting Smoke Stack 600.png
James E Allen was an American Industrial artist, and has many works about the industrial lifestyle, and creation of machines. This specific piece shows the creation of a smoke stack. In other collections, this has been known as "Brazilian Builders".

West, Amy Rooks - Log City 800.png
West’s painting depicts the seventeen rustic structures of the settlement, which housed about 175 people and included a church and school. Her painting contains topographic inaccuracies and certain buildings are more intricately depicted than others,…

Unknown - Hudson River Landscape 800.png
Landscape attributed to Hudson River school of painting. There are trees in the foreground, a large mountain in the background, a river splits the canvas in half, and there is a person in the foreground. Settlements and boats are small but visible.

Benton, Thomas Hart - The Meeting 800.png
This lithograph depicts a town meeting in the interior of a church used as a meeting house. A group of white men, women, and children listen to another white man speaking on a platform. The speaker looks pompous, while the audience appears bored.

Bodmer, Karl - Tower Rock View of the Mississippi 800.png
A landscape view of the Tower Rock on the famous Mississippi river, painted when Bodmer accompanied Prinz Maximilian of Wied on his expedition to the Northern United States.

Currier&Ives - Midnoght Race for the Mississippi 800.png
Midnight Race on the Mississippi hows two racing steamboats, the Memphis and the James Howard. Currier & Ives prints often depicted steamboats and popular events, which this race certainly was. This print would have been widely distributed just…

Damitz, Ernst - Bayard Taylor's Mignight Sun in Lapland II 800.png
In this piece, Damitz depicts a fanciful view of Norway inspired by writer Bayard Taylor’s travel stories. Damitz was also influenced by Romanticism and Norwegian folk art. While this painting is in conversation with contemporary American art, like…

Dunn, Harvey - Frapped Football 600.png
Harvey Dunn was an American artist who was known best for his works on prairie life. In contrast, this work depicts a conflict, presumably created over football.

Eliot, Daniel Giraud - Jemminick's Auk 800.png
Brachyramphus Temminckii is the scientific name for a bird, otherwise known as an Auk. Elliot was a scientist, rather than artist, so it is sensible that this piece exemplifies the scientific gaze.

Garcia, Lucy - Soutwestern Native American Pot_1 800.png
A round pot with a narrower opening than waistline, opening same size as base. Orange and black geometric motifs and bird figures decorate surface. Artist is Acoma Indian.
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