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Unknown - Nauvoo on the Mississippi 800.png

Dark greenery forms a picturesque frame around the landscape, which contains a view of a steamboat on the Mississippi River. On the opposite bank is the city of Nauvoo, an historic curiosity in Illinois, which was established in 1839 by Mormon…

West, Amy Rooks - Log City 800.png
West’s painting depicts the seventeen rustic structures of the settlement, which housed about 175 people and included a church and school. Her painting contains topographic inaccuracies and certain buildings are more intricately depicted than others,…

Smithson, Robert - Second Stop Rubble 600.png
This photographic print depicts a geological study of mixed rubble that contains discarded manufactured materials like lumber and brick.

McCrady, John - Steambost Around the Bend 800.png
The print depicts the famous 1870 race between the Natchez and the Robert E. Lee, which marked a pinnacle in the sport of steamboat racing and attracted worldwide newspaper coverage.

O'Sullivan, Timothy Stereocard_2 800.png
Trained in the photography studio of Matthew Brady, O’Sullivan is most famous for producing Civil War and expeditionary photographs. These images were taken on Lt. George M. Wheeler’s famous Geographical Survey West of the 100th Meridian, which was…

New Harmony_2 800.png
Reproductions of works done by Charles Alexandre Lesueur, a French naturalist and artist. He traveled to the United States and created these prints in the mid 1800s. These prints were then reproduced for the New Harmony Folio Album in 1933.
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