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Damitz, Ernst - Bayard Taylor's Mignight Sun in Lapland II 800.png
In this piece, Damitz depicts a fanciful view of Norway inspired by writer Bayard Taylor’s travel stories. Damitz was also influenced by Romanticism and Norwegian folk art. While this painting is in conversation with contemporary American art, like…

Unknown - Hudson River Landscape 800.png
Landscape attributed to Hudson River school of painting. There are trees in the foreground, a large mountain in the background, a river splits the canvas in half, and there is a person in the foreground. Settlements and boats are small but visible.

Dunn, Harvey - Frapped Football 600.png
Harvey Dunn was an American artist who was known best for his works on prairie life. In contrast, this work depicts a conflict, presumably created over football.

Smith, Clare - Indian Symbols 600.png
Clare Smith was a printmaker who lived and worked in Galesburg, IL. After raising a family, she decided to go back to school and enrolled at Knox College, earning degrees in Art and French. After graduating she worked at the famous printshop Atelier…

Schreiber, George - Noon 800.png
The image depicts a man and woman working in the field.

Rickey, George - Landscape East of Galesburg 800.png
George Rickey was the Artist in Residence at Knox College from 1940-1941. It was then that he completed this painting as a study for the mural The Offer of Education. Though Rickey was considered American he lived in and was educated in Europe. …

Leary, George - Stone Wall, Rear of Fredricksburg 800.png
This image is part of a larger photo album U.S. Military Railroad Photograph Album, containing 83 mounted photographs. It was created for Daniel Craig McCallum, director all military railroads for the Union army. The photograph was taken after the…

Tanning, Dorothea - Children Going to School 600.png
Known for her works influenced by the Surrealist movement, Dorothea Tanning created this pencil drawing on paper in 1953. It is a representation of children walking to school.
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