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Wood, Grant - Family Doctor 800.png
One of Wood’s last works, Family Doctor depicts the slender and capable hands of Wood’s own doctor, Dr. A.W. Bennet as he holds a thermometer and stethoscope. Wood’s focused, detailed vision creates a deeply personal portrait of the doctor as a kind,…

Unknown - Nauvoo on the Mississippi 800.png

Dark greenery forms a picturesque frame around the landscape, which contains a view of a steamboat on the Mississippi River. On the opposite bank is the city of Nauvoo, an historic curiosity in Illinois, which was established in 1839 by Mormon…

Unknown - North Side of East Main Street 800.png
This photograph shows the 1937 centenary parade on Main Street. This photo shows 401 E. Main St at the intersection of Seminary Street and Main which is now currently the Galesburg UPS store.

Unknown - Bank of Galesburg c. 1915 800.png
This photograph depicts the Bank Of Galesburg building on the corner of E. Main St and Kellogg St. We see this was taken after the two additional floors were added in 1911, but before the 1915 construction of the Orpheum Theatre to the far right.

O'Sullivan, Timothy Stereocard_2 800.png
Trained in the photography studio of Matthew Brady, O’Sullivan is most famous for producing Civil War and expeditionary photographs. These images were taken on Lt. George M. Wheeler’s famous Geographical Survey West of the 100th Meridian, which was…

Tanning, Dorothea - Children Going to School 600.png
Known for her works influenced by the Surrealist movement, Dorothea Tanning created this pencil drawing on paper in 1953. It is a representation of children walking to school.

Smithson, Robert - Second Stop Rubble 600.png
This photographic print depicts a geological study of mixed rubble that contains discarded manufactured materials like lumber and brick.

Smith, Clare - Indian Symbols 600.png
Clare Smith was a printmaker who lived and worked in Galesburg, IL. After raising a family, she decided to go back to school and enrolled at Knox College, earning degrees in Art and French. After graduating she worked at the famous printshop Atelier…

Schreiber, George - Noon 800.png
The image depicts a man and woman working in the field.

Leary, George - Stone Wall, Rear of Fredricksburg 800.png
This image is part of a larger photo album U.S. Military Railroad Photograph Album, containing 83 mounted photographs. It was created for Daniel Craig McCallum, director all military railroads for the Union army. The photograph was taken after the…
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