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Nichols, Dale - Grain Elevator 800.png
The image depicts a landscape of a farm with a grain elevator. Besides it on the lower bottom of the image has small figures of men and horses.

Geerlings, Gerard - Electical Building at Night 600.png
This piece depicts a scene of the "Hall of Sciences" at the 1933 Chicago Fair.

Unknown - Hudson River Landscape 800.png
Landscape attributed to Hudson River school of painting. There are trees in the foreground, a large mountain in the background, a river splits the canvas in half, and there is a person in the foreground. Settlements and boats are small but visible.

Smith, Clare - Indian Symbols 600.png
Clare Smith was a printmaker who lived and worked in Galesburg, IL. After raising a family, she decided to go back to school and enrolled at Knox College, earning degrees in Art and French. After graduating she worked at the famous printshop Atelier…

Rickey, George - Landscape East of Galesburg 800.png
George Rickey was the Artist in Residence at Knox College from 1940-1941. It was then that he completed this painting as a study for the mural The Offer of Education. Though Rickey was considered American he lived in and was educated in Europe. …

West, Amy Rooks - Log City 800.png
West’s painting depicts the seventeen rustic structures of the settlement, which housed about 175 people and included a church and school. Her painting contains topographic inaccuracies and certain buildings are more intricately depicted than others,…

Currier&Ives - Midnoght Race for the Mississippi 800.png
Midnight Race on the Mississippi hows two racing steamboats, the Memphis and the James Howard. Currier & Ives prints often depicted steamboats and popular events, which this race certainly was. This print would have been widely distributed just…

Ranger, Henry Ward - Moonlight 800.png
A farmer and his two horses farming under the harvest moon.

Unknown - Nauvoo on the Mississippi 800.png

Dark greenery forms a picturesque frame around the landscape, which contains a view of a steamboat on the Mississippi River. On the opposite bank is the city of Nauvoo, an historic curiosity in Illinois, which was established in 1839 by Mormon…

Schreiber, George - Noon 800.png
The image depicts a man and woman working in the field.
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