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A print created by Childe Hassam in 1927 depicts the exterior of American writer Walt Whitman's birthplace. The print depicts the house from outside of the driveway, showing a large tree in the foreground on the left side of the print and the houseā€¦

Bodmer, Karl - Tower Rock View of the Mississippi 800.png
A landscape view of the Tower Rock on the famous Mississippi river, painted when Bodmer accompanied Prinz Maximilian of Wied on his expedition to the Northern United States.

Smithson, Robert - Second Stop Rubble 600.png
This photographic print depicts a geological study of mixed rubble that contains discarded manufactured materials like lumber and brick.

Benton, Thomas Hart - The Meeting 800.png
This lithograph depicts a town meeting in the interior of a church used as a meeting house. A group of white men, women, and children listen to another white man speaking on a platform. The speaker looks pompous, while the audience appears bored.

Unknown - Bank of Galesburg c. 1915 800.png
This photograph depicts the Bank Of Galesburg building on the corner of E. Main St and Kellogg St. We see this was taken after the two additional floors were added in 1911, but before the 1915 construction of the Orpheum Theatre to the far right.
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