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Bodmer, Karl - Tower Rock View of the Mississippi 800.png
A landscape view of the Tower Rock on the famous Mississippi river, painted when Bodmer accompanied Prinz Maximilian of Wied on his expedition to the Northern United States.

Garcia, Lucy - Soutwestern Native American Pot_1 800.png
A round pot with a narrower opening than waistline, opening same size as base. Orange and black geometric motifs and bird figures decorate surface. Artist is Acoma Indian.

Ranger, Henry Ward - Moonlight 800.png
A farmer and his two horses farming under the harvest moon.

A print created by Childe Hassam in 1927 depicts the exterior of American writer Walt Whitman's birthplace. The print depicts the house from outside of the driveway, showing a large tree in the foreground on the left side of the print and the house…

Wood, Grant - Family Doctor 800.png
One of Wood’s last works, Family Doctor depicts the slender and capable hands of Wood’s own doctor, Dr. A.W. Bennet as he holds a thermometer and stethoscope. Wood’s focused, detailed vision creates a deeply personal portrait of the doctor as a kind,…

Currier&Ives - Midnoght Race for the Mississippi 800.png
Midnight Race on the Mississippi hows two racing steamboats, the Memphis and the James Howard. Currier & Ives prints often depicted steamboats and popular events, which this race certainly was. This print would have been widely distributed just…

Eliot, Daniel Giraud - Jemminick's Auk 800.png
Brachyramphus Temminckii is the scientific name for a bird, otherwise known as an Auk. Elliot was a scientist, rather than artist, so it is sensible that this piece exemplifies the scientific gaze.

Allen, James - Setting Smoke Stack 600.png
James E Allen was an American Industrial artist, and has many works about the industrial lifestyle, and creation of machines. This specific piece shows the creation of a smoke stack. In other collections, this has been known as "Brazilian Builders".
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