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Benton, Thomas Hart - The Meeting 800.png
This lithograph depicts a town meeting in the interior of a church used as a meeting house. A group of white men, women, and children listen to another white man speaking on a platform. The speaker looks pompous, while the audience appears bored.

Nichols, Dale - Grain Elevator 800.png
The image depicts a landscape of a farm with a grain elevator. Besides it on the lower bottom of the image has small figures of men and horses.

Gregor, Harold - Above the Farm, state IV from the Flatscape Series 800.png
From a series of five prints with color variations, Above the Farm depicts a vibrant and ethereal arial perspective of Midwestern farmlands. The unnatural colors and unusual perspective emphasize the decorative patterns and visual energy of…

New Harmony_2 800.png
Reproductions of works done by Charles Alexandre Lesueur, a French naturalist and artist. He traveled to the United States and created these prints in the mid 1800s. These prints were then reproduced for the New Harmony Folio Album in 1933.

Geerlings, Gerard - Electical Building at Night 600.png
This piece depicts a scene of the "Hall of Sciences" at the 1933 Chicago Fair.

Unknown - Bank of Galesburg c. 1915 800.png
This photograph depicts the Bank Of Galesburg building on the corner of E. Main St and Kellogg St. We see this was taken after the two additional floors were added in 1911, but before the 1915 construction of the Orpheum Theatre to the far right.

Unknown - North Side of East Main Street 800.png
This photograph shows the 1937 centenary parade on Main Street. This photo shows 401 E. Main St at the intersection of Seminary Street and Main which is now currently the Galesburg UPS store.
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